Ben and Carla <3

Ben and I got engaged on the beautiful island of Santorini back in July 2015 and I have become wedding obsessed ever since!  I immediately got my pinterest board up and running and had looked up a good list of venues to visit before we had even touched back down in England, it’s safe to say Ben felt like he had created a monster! A year on from then, with most things organised and booked, I decided we should really make sure we enjoy the build up to the wedding day instead of wishing time away. So we have decided on the 22nd of every month (our wedding day is the 22nd July) we should do something a little special, whether it’s a dinner out together, a day out or a little break away.

I want to make the most of planning and enjoying the best year of our lives so far and this feels like a great way to mark it and blogging it will then remind me of it always.

A few pictures from Santorini , the most incredible holiday…




2 thoughts on “Ben and Carla <3

  1. Carla this is amazing .what a great idea . I can’t wait till the day you say “I do ” to the lovely Ben ( but I am biased )😁Very proud mother of the groom xxxxxx.


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