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One Year To Go!! 22.6.16

The year to go ‘anniversary’ to our wedding was such a milestone for us, we booked the wedding with nearly 20 months to go so my focus was always on the year mark and then the countdown was really on. We decided we should definitely do something as a sort of celebration of our special date, start marking the anniversary already! It has now evolved into celebrating every 22nd of the month but I’ll start with the year anniversary and our trip to Cambridge and Hitchin Lavender Farm.

We had glorious sunshine for our weekend away and it made the shades of purple at Hitchin look even more amazing. It was our first time visiting a lavender farm and it really didn’t disappoint! The lavender blooms from June to August so we visited when it was in its prime. We paid our £4.50, grabbed our scissors and bag and headed up a row.


Naively we had no idea there would be so many bees around and I ended up being stung twice and had to go to the doctors when I got home for some antibiotics. My leg swelled and became very red and patchy, very unlucky! I would definitely go back though, maybe wearing trousers next time…

Lots more info on Hitchin Lavender Farm on their website if you are thinking about visiting next year.


The following day we set off for Cambridge, I had plans for us to punt down the river but other than that we were just going to explore. It’s a beautiful city and in the summer sunshine it was just gorgeous. As you can imagine for a busy, university city there were people and bikes everywhere! I love this picture with the bike lined street and the beautiful wisteria dangling down  ❤


We wandered, explored and shopped for a few hours and decided it was time to jump on a boat and see the city from the River Cam. There were two options to punt down the river, a ‘do it yourself’ option or a guided tour, we opted for a guided tour as we were keen to find out more of the history of the city.


There were plenty of companies to go with who departed regularly and, best of all, offering discounted ticket prices if you went with them. We went with ‘Lets Go Punting‘ and our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. We punted under numerous bridges and saw so many historical, beautiful buildings.






Punting looked really hard going and we saw one person had fallen in when doing it so we were more than happy to just sit back and take in the sights whilst they did all the work!

If you’re wanting a little mini-break I would definitely recommend Cambridge, such a beautiful city with lots to do.


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