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Finding a venue, setting the date and the dreaded budget chats…

Newly engaged and very excited we knew finding the right venue for us was the first task we needed to undertake but we had no idea how huge a task that would be! We wanted a wedding venue local to us, that was an old building with character and somewhere we could hold the ceremony and reception in one place. There are just so many choices out there! I spent hours on the internet looking up venues, emailing for prices and creating a list of places we definitely wanted to check out. I found A Kentish Ceremony such a helpful website, they are part of our local council and list all the venues in Kent that are licensed for weddings. I’m pretty sure most counties have this, if not hitched is a super helpful website too. I loved looking around venues and getting a feel of what our day might be like if we booked it there and imagining our friends and family around us celebrating.

Some of the gorgeous venues we looked around

We loved certain elements of all the venues we visited but for one reason or another they just weren’t for us. We were then recommend a venue by a friend of a friend, who gets married there soon, and after our first visit we knew it was the one! It offered package deals (what we initially thought we would have), was all in one beautiful place, ticked all our boxes and so much more. We set up another appointment to bring our families and they were equally wowed, we had found the one!


With me working in a school we wanted our wedding to fall in my holidays so the summer was our best option, especially as we want to honeymoon straight after too. Initially we looked at having the wedding on a Sunday or a Thursday but realised it would make it hard for our families (siblings still in school etc.) so we decided on a Saturday in July. Weekday weddings can be half of what you pay to have a Saturday so if you’re planning a wedding consider it as an option, if you give people plenty of notice then I’m sure it would be fine.

I was so excited to have the venue and date picked and I couldn’t wait to get planning!


Whilst visiting venues we started to get a rough idea of the costings and what our budget needed to be and it was so helpful of recently married/engaged friends to send their wedding spreadsheets so we could get a better idea of pricing. But wedding costs are scary, like really scary! I had no idea on costings and how the word ‘wedding’ seems to double the price of everything (!!) but we are working our way through the minefield and making sure we shop around or try and attempt to DIY it ourselves. Ben still looks on in dread when I ask to chat about the wedding budget and to show him the spreadsheet mind you…!

A wedding is the one day in life where you have the opportunity to celebrate your love for one another and your future life together whilst surrounded by all your loved ones. A day so full of love, I cannot wait!

22.7.17  ❤



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