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Bridesmaid Tea Party <3

A few months after we had booked the venue and set the date I decided to plan a little afternoon tea party at mine to ask my best friends and sister in law to be my bridesmaids. I had so much fun organising it and decorating my dining room I want to do it all again! It was supposed to be a surprise but I think it was pretty obvious what I was planning on doing.




I decided to order these beautiful personalised cards from Sweet Pea Sunday for the girls as well as picking some of my favourite photos of us printed on a retro photo strip from Polobora. I love photos so picking just three was hard!

My beautiful sister will be my Maid of Honour ❤

I made a few of the cakes myself and bought the rest at M&S, we had so much left over though! We enjoyed a few glasses of fizz to celebrate that they all said yes, perfect! I haven’t got many photos of us from the afternoon, I was too busy eating, drinking and celebrating having the best of friends!



From left to right: Katie, Bens sister and my soon to be sister in law, I love spending time with her and seeing her grow into such a clever, beautiful young lady. Megan, my younger sister and beautiful Maid of Honour, we have spent so many years sharing everything and I am so excited for her to be such a big part of our day. Toni is one of my best friends and the most reliable, caring, honest people I know. She is having a baby in just a few months and I just know she will be an absolutely amazing mum ❤ Fran is always the one to bring the wine, get us drinking and having a good time, every best friend group needs a Fran! She is so lovely and thoughtful too even though she once said she would eat my cat if her food supply ever dwindled!! Last but not least my lovely Emma, we have been best friends since we were 11 and our friendship means so much to me. She’s currently travelling Asia before setting up home in Australia so it means an incredible amount to me that she is coming home to the UK for our wedding (if you are a keen traveler you should definitely follow her blog, so much travel inspiration!)

I have been best friends with these girls for so many years and I couldn’t wait to ask them all to be part of our special day.

Fleur did not want to be in this photo ha!

Bens younger sisters Freya and Eva will be our flower girls, they were on holiday when I had the tea party but they are so excited to go dress shopping and ask me every time I see them without fail when we will pick their dresses!! I love spending time with them and their brother Saul, and I cannot wait to have them as part of my family!




So that’s all of my girls! I’d love to hear how you asked your best girls to be your bridesmaids ❤

22.7.17 👰🏽💗


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