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Mr and Mrs Herring to be…

A few blog posts in and it has occurred to me I haven’t really spoken about us ‘Mr and Mrs Herring to be.’ I never really thought about it when I started the blog as I only really started it for me and to share with our families and they already know all about us! Now that I have shared it on instagram I thought I would share a little about us, how we got together and Bens proposal  ❤

Ben and I have been together nearly 4 years but we have known each other over 15 years as we actually went to secondary school together. Ben was, if I’m honest, a little annoying in school. Along with his friends he would constantly be taking the mickey out of someone, winding people up, being a pain in class, talking and playing football at any opportunity…I suppose not much has changed really since school I just obviously find it endearing now! He was, he would admit, a bit of a chunky monkey too, it’s safe to say he has definitely bloomed since then!

Our School Prom in 2005!! It’s crazy to think I am now marrying him!

When I found this photo and showed my mum she didn’t even recognise Ben! A lot has changed since we left secondary school! Ben and I had lost contact with one another and hadn’t spoken for a few years until he randomly put up a status on facebook advertising for lorry drivers to apply to his work (he works in the transport industry) and my cousins partner was looking for a job and I sent over his details. We exchanged numbers, got chatting again and decided we should meet up. Our first date/meet was supposed to be dinner cooked by Ben but as he was running late from work so we ended up grabbing a Chinese takeaway and the next thing we knew it was 3 in the morning and we {mostly me I’m sure} hadn’t stopped talking!! It was amazing to be back in touch and realising I now didn’t see him as ‘Ewww Ben Herring’ and more 😍 haha!! Fast forward a few weeks and we decided we wanted to be together and the rest they say is history!

All dressed up 10 years on from Prom and Ben has definitely improved with age!  ❤

Bens proposal came whilst we were on holiday in Santorini, I had been dropping hints for many a month but with not a flicker of interest I thought the hints had fallen on deaf ears. Unbeknownst to me Ben had been planning it for quite a few months and had asked my best friends to try and find out what sort of ring I would like. Cue them coming round mine for cheese and wine, feeding me a pack of lies about a friend getting a ring online at Liberty and then us eventually ending up on Tiffany&Co picking £40k engagement rings! I had no idea that this was all a plan and not a real story and it wasn’t till after the engagement that they told me! With Tiffany&Co definitely not where Ben intended on buying my ring he went about picking it himself and the ring that he chose, with the lack of help from my friends, was just beautiful. I love that he picked it himself and it is perfect for me!

My beautiful ring  ❤

The proposal happened on our second night on the stunning island of Santorini. Ben told me that he carried the ring out all day hoping to do it whilst we were exploring Oia but it was just too busy and didn’t feel quite right. So, whilst walking back across the beach after dinner, with a beautiful pink sunset happening around us, Ben got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I can’t really recall what I said, it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly and I just cried and blubbed and cried some more! Ben said he then had to ask me again as I never actually answered him I just cried! It sounds cheesy but it felt magical and incredibly special, a moment I will never forget. We rushed back to the hotel to face time our families, share our happy news and have some celebratory drinks! Ben, who could finally relax after the build up to asking and keeping it a secret, celebrated hard and ended up spending a few hours throwing up that night, also a memory I will never forget but not for quite the same reasons as the special proposal! To this day Ben still blames eating calamari at dinner that night for making him sick, not the fact that he had a bottle of Jack Daniels…! The next day Ben was seriously hungover and we had a day round the pool where he barely capable of speaking all morning so that meant the Pinterest boards were up and running, venues were being found and plans were being made. So it was his own fault the wedding monster arrived so soon ha!

We have made so many amazing memories over our time together, Ben always makes me laugh, he is my best, best friend and the love of my life. We are both so excited to move into our next chapter of our lives as Mr and Mrs Herring.


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