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Save the Date! <3

Making our save the dates was the first bit of wedding ‘DIY’ we undertook and was probably the easiest thing to start with. We knew we wanted something rustic and in keeping with the feel of our day and the venue we have chosen and I think they turned out just perfect!


As I said in my previous post we are trying to do lots of bits for the wedding ourselves, to keep costs down but also to put our own stamp on our day. I ordered the wood slices off of etsy , they were such a good price and arrived very quickly. I ordered more than we needed as stamping on an uneven surface was going to be a little hit and miss! The stamp was also from etsy (the fantastic ClariseStamps). After the first few attempts being a little unsuccessful I decided to sand them down so it was more even and that seemed to work a treat. I liked that they didn’t look absolutely perfect, they are rustic and in keeping with our day. We stuck on some round magnetic pieces we bought from the range and they were good to go! We received so many lovely compliments for them so I felt like it was definitely worth the effort of doing them ourselves.


We decided to just send them to close family and friends that we definitely wanted to be there all day and knew that wouldn’t change a year down the line. I’ve read stories where the day and evening guests were sent a save the date and some guests were a little disappointed when they were only invited to the evening part so we avoided that and just sent save the dates to day guests. Deciding on a guest list is a huge challenge in itself, we would love to invite all our family and friends to celebrate the whole day with us but the cost would just be eye watering! We are still trying to work out the guest list and numbers are tight but I hope family and friends that we can’t ask to the day part will still be able to come to the evening to join the celebration.

22.7.17  ❤


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