Fleur ❤️

This blog post is definitely not wedding related in the slightest but Fleur is a Herring so she deserves a little blog post as today marks 2 years since we adopted her from the RSPCA.

We had bought our house just a few months before and Ben really wanted us to get a cat, he grew up surrounded by cats and was keen to give a cat {potentially cats!!} a nice home. If I’m honest I wasn’t really too interested, we had cats living in our horse stables and barn growing up but I was never particularly fond of them. They were semi-feral, there to catch the mice and definitely not lap cats so I never got overly attached to them. That all changed when we adopted Fleur, I have definitely become a crazy cat lady!!

Walking around the RSPCA centre and seeing all those cats needing a home is really sad, knowing that some cats have been in there months on end and nobody has picked them is quite upsetting. They are however, incredibly well cared for whilst they are in there and the volunteers are all very lovely.


It wasn’t smooth sailing when we adopted Fleur though, the first night we had her she had a seizure and it was the most terrifying thing ever. I can remember every moment of it and I’ve never felt that scared before. She was so small and to see her like that really worried us, we felt utterly helpless and so scared for her. We spoke to the RSPCA who were amazing and told us to keep an eye on her overnight and bring her back in for checks the following day.

Fleur had numerous tests carried out on her and a week later she was given the all clear and we brought her back home. The vets think she was stressed and anxious about the move to our home and she may of become overheated and dehydrated. I was really nervous and worried about having her home and it happening again but thankfully nothing has happened since. Our families were incredible during all this and would pop to ours during their lunch breaks or when they had finished work and check in on her, we were so thankful for their support as I worried about leaving her all day whilst at work.

Fleur the day we adopted her ❤ She looks so tiny here, there’s no room in that bed when she goes in it now!

The first few months with Fleur passed in a whirlwind of her attacking everything that moved and destroying our furniture but also filling our hearts with so much love. She was 5 months when we adopted her so we thought most of the kitten craziness would be over but we had no idea what a monkey she would be! Thankfully she’s calmed down a lot more now but still enjoys attacking Bens feet in bed much to my amusement.

So in celebration of her 2 year adoption birthday I thought I would put some of my favourite photos on here from the last 2 years, look away now if you don’t want cat overload!!

If you are thinking of getting a cat, or any pet, I would really recommend looking round your local RSPCA or adoption shelter, adopting an animal and giving them another chance at life is an amazing feeling.


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