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Christmas Fun and 7 months to go!

I love the build up to Christmas, spending time with family and friends with food and drink flowing is quite literally my favourite thing. I love making plans and having lots of Christmas days out, I definitely spread the festivities out! We enjoyed going to a few Christmas markets around Kent last month, I’ve blogged about them here if you want to check them out.

Somerset House

As we have had plans every weekend of December we decided not to go out especially for our 22nd of the month ‘anniversary’ and just enjoy all the Christmas fun that December brings. We have also done very little wedding related planning this month and I’m okay about that, for now anyways (will definitely be panicking in the new year…!!) Ben did buy his wedding shoes in the pre-Christmas sales from Herring Shoes! I found their website randomly when sending a parcel back and we decided Ben had to have a pair of Herrings being a Herring himself. They are amazing quality and look great with the suits, very exciting! It’s all coming together!

Fleur ready for Christmas!

On to the excitement of December; we bought and decorated our tree the first weekend of December, picking the perfect tree is hard work and Ben got a little fed up with me taking so long (he was wearing the thinnest jacket ever and just a tshirt so was freezing cold, his own fault really!!). We decided that this year we would have the tree in the living room for the first time, that meant a huge shuffle around so took quite a while but I am so pleased we did it. Getting all of our decorations down from the loft is always exciting, I love reminding myself of all the gorgeous bits we have amassed over the years and putting my new buys from this year with them.

Our decorations are mostly Gisela Graham, they all have such lovely detail on them

Before getting them down I was feeling a little envious of so many on Instagram with trees adorned with silver/mercury baubles but getting our decorations down reminded me that I love our traditional ones and I couldn’t wait to get them up!


We are a strictly no tinsel house, I can’t help but think it’s a little dated now and I much prefer lots of sparkly lights, nice baubles and decorations. I am also kind of obsessed with Christmas candles, I have a crazy amount of Yankee Candles and my new favourite is the White Company ‘Winter’, it’s too good to burn!


This year for the first time I went to a wreath making class and I absolutely loved it, I want to make it a Christmas tradition every year. I went with Bens step mum Sam, she had been before so was like a pro in comparison to me! With a little help from the lady running the class I was up and running and really enjoying it,time just disappeared. I did end up with some serious back ache though!

My lovely wreath! I gave it to my mum for her door so I need to take a photo  of it on the door still

We went to see the amazing lights down at Ramsgate Harbour again this year, they have done this for a few years now and it looks quite spectacular. We went on a Sunday evening so not much was open but last year we enjoyed a hot drink around the harbour and there was a lovely atmosphere so if you are local I’d definitely recommend a trip down there.

Last Wednesday we enjoyed the best day out in London with Bens dad and Sam, Ben and I have been to London every Christmas we have shared together and it’s the most magical place to be at Christmas. The lights, the decorations, the atmosphere, it makes it such a great day out. We started the day in Covent Garden, I loved their mistletoe decorations this year and their tree was hugeeeee!

From there we headed to Somerset House, my favourite place in London at Christmas. The tree and lodge is sponsored by Fortnum and Mason’s and it really is quite spectacular. We decided to give the ice skating a go this year, Ben and I haven’t ice skated for a few years but thankfully we stayed on our feet!

Me, Ben, his Dad and Sam ❤

We also enjoyed a hot chocolate in Fortnums Lodge, the raspberry marshmallows are so, so good!

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and eating, I love seeing the departments stores all decked out for Christmas and all the Christmas lights.

Liberty, along with Somerset house, is a place I love to visit at Christmas. Their Christmas floor is just stunning and the decorations are all so beautiful. I bought two new decorations for my tree again this year and a gorgeous Liberty robin that had been reduced in the pre-Christmas sale, eeeep!!


For my Christmas get together with my best friends we decided to go out for dinner and go to the pantomime. I haven’t been for years and years and it was actually really good and we had such a laugh.

My best friend Toni is having a baby in March so it’s crazy to think this time next year she will be a mumma! We missed our Emma, she has just landed in Australia where she is starting the next chapter of her life with her partner Rich, we are counting the sleeps till we see her in July.


This year will be a little different at Christmas for us, Ben and I usually spend the morning together and then go off and have Christmas dinners separately with our families and then meet up for the evening but this year we are both going to Ben’s Mums for lunch and then my Mum and Dads for the evening. I have never not spent a Christmas at home so I do feel kind of emotional about it, I hope Mum still makes me a dodgy homemade cracker and Dad saves me all the left over roast potatoes (he makes the best roast potatoes in the world). Little traditions that you get so used to with your own family. I am excited to have new traditions and make memories with Ben, I just get far too sentimental over little things! I am really looking forward to Christmas though, I know it will be just as lovely at Ben’s mums and we will get to spend a good amount of time with both our families as well as having the whole day together!

christmas wrapping.jpg

I still have most of my wrapping to do, I’m waiting on the postman to bring a few bits still and my sister came over today to make some yummy sausage rolls with caramlised onion with me today, we do this together every year. So lots to do still so less blogging and more doing is needed! I cant believe it’s less than a week till Christmas!!


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time with your family and friends, the best time of the year ❤


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