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Bridesmaid Hangers <3

Once I had got the girls bridesmaid dresses I started to look online for bridesmaid hangers that would complement the dresses and in a style I liked and I found it really hard. Most hangers were around the £5 mark and I just felt I couldn’t justify paying that for 5 hangers when they weren’t exactly the colour I wanted or a font that I particularly liked. I really love the hangers with the wire name (like these) but again these are expensive for the amount I needed but I am hoping that I can treat myself to one for my dress!

So after not finding any I particularly liked I decided to have a go myself. I am a complete novice when it comes to DIY (in the home and for the wedding…!!) but wanted to give these a go as I’m always up for saving pennies where the wedding is concerned and I love that our day has a personal touch to it. They are also a lovely gift for the bridesmaids to keep.

So firstly I bought white hangers very cheaply at Primark, I’m sure other home stores stock similar but these were about £3 for 5 hangers along with Sharpie pens to write on them. I then went on dafont to pick a font that I thought would be easy to transfer onto my hangers and that I liked the look of.

Once I had picked the font {I went for Yulinda Script} I printed the words that I needed out a few times to get the measurements correct so that it all fitted nicely on the hangers.

Holding up to the light helped to see the hanger through the paper to make sure the word sat nicely in the middle

Once chosen and printed, I turned the paper over and drew all over the back where the writing was (see picture below) so that the pencil marks would be able to transfer onto the hanger. I then wrote over the top of the letters once I had the paper in position on the hanger and tried to press quite hard so the markings would be obvious once the paper was removed.

DIY_bridesmaid_wedding_hangers  (14).JPG

I was then able to go over these marks with the Sharpie pen

DIY_bridesmaid_wedding_hangers  (16).JPG

I then did the same for the date and bridesmaid/maid of honour parts. I haven’t put any ribbon on my hangers, I’m undecided if I want to yet or not but ribbon choice in The Range and Hobbycraft is great if you are looking for some.

So that’s it, dead easy and I think they look really effective.

DIY_bridesmaid_wedding_hangers  (24).JPG

Sorry if this was poorly written, trying to detail it on the computer is much harder than just saying ‘watch me’ so feel free to send me a message if you want more help. Let me know if you decide to make your own, I would love to see them ❤


6 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Hangers <3

  1. So simple and so cute! I did not think of that “transfer of font” method, thanks for the tip! I made hangers for my bridesmaid as well but used copper wire for their names


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