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6 months to go!!! ❤

6 months to the wedding, just 6 short months, it doesn’t feel like we should be here already, time seems to just be flying by! I remember when we booked the wedding thinking how far away it seemed but it has gone ridiculously quick and it has been amazing to have the time to plan and make our day our own. So now all systems are go and wedding planning and making is back! Seeing in the New Year this year just felt extra special, the year we’ve been waiting for, the year we become husband and wife ❤ It just feels like this is ‘our’ year and I’m so excited!

Ben and I on New Years Eve 💗

As I said in the last post, January is always a bit hectic for us, we have 3 birthdays to celebrate {including Bens} and on top of that, this January I graduate from University and my sister is moving away, so just way too busy to do our usual 22nd of the month day out. We decided however to mark the date by sending out our day invites instead!! So exciting!

The invites have been a steep learning curve for me, I’ve never made anything like it before so it was a big wedding DIY challenge but I’m really pleased I’ve had a go. We never actually planned to make our invites, I had been researching lots of stationary options for us but then last October I ended up in Jimmy Choo and blew the wedding budget on my wedding shoes! Weddings do crazy things to you, you find yourself justifying spending ridiculous amounts of money because it’s your wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoes, they are simple and elegant and will go with lots of outfits that I can wear many times after the wedding but I am not the type of person that spends that kind of money on shoes normally. So to find the money, and justify the shoes some more, I had a go at designing the invites.

I designed them on photoshop and printed them via and they’ve cost us around a third of the price {if not less} of quotes I received. Obviously they don’t look anywhere near as professional as the ones I was looking at but I think ours are lovely 😊Once we’ve handed them all out I’ll put together a little blog post on them. For that extra special touch I went on the Royal Mails website and made some personalised stamps to match the invites, they cost just a little  more than normal stamps so well worth doing in my eyes 🙂

Once we had posted them I felt unexpectedly emotional, it all suddenly felt so real and so exciting, a moment where I felt like pinching myself that this is really happening, we are really getting married and having our dream wedding day! I now just can’t wait to receive our RSVPs back. It’s an amazing feeling to know we have invited our family and friends to share our special day and help us begin the next chapter of our lives together.

This month we also had our wedding food tasting, we’ve picked all the afternoon tea choices and I’m so excited to eat it on the day. Everything tasted ridiculously good, it was so hard to make a decision but we’ve got lots of options so hopefully everyone will like something from the day.

I’ve also set up our appointment to do our legal preliminary bit to give notice of our marriage, I can’t wait to do that! I booked in earlier than we need to in the hope I could renew my passport in my married name but I haven’t even registered my driving licence at our home address so I don’t think it will all change over in time, please tell me other people are as disorganised as me?!?! It’s just annoying I’ll be renewing my passport and have the wrong surname for the next 10 years or pay to change it but never mind. Talking passports we have also been chatting about our honeymoon and I *think* we’ve finally made a decision, we are going to the Maldives 🇲🇻


Thanks for reading ❤


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