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Saving money…

There’s no getting around it weddings are expensive, like really expensive! Regardless what type of wedding you’re planning the costs involved can spiral quickly and sometimes finding out the prices of things in the wedding world can be eye watering. It sort of feels the word wedding before anything seems to increase the price in someway, maybe it’s just me that’s found that but at times I have been tempted to just say ‘my party’ to see if the quote would be any cheaper!! We have thankfully booked all the big things for the day now and I’m spending weekends and evenings doing DIY bits and shopping online to find good deals for bow ties, guest books etc, all the little things we still need to buy but also things that can add up quickly. Whilst virtual shopping on multiple websites this afternoon I got thinking of ways we have managed to save money and thought I would put together a little blog post on some helpful tips that I’ve picked up on the way. Some may be totally obvious to you but I thought it would be worth sharing as I would of loved someone to point me in the direction of the bargains at the beginning!

Our beautiful wedding venue

Tip number 1

Is to use top cashback for any purchases, be it wedding or home related, or just the Sunday evening clothes splurge, most online retailers are on there and once you have an account with them you can search the shop you want and view their particular cash back. It is completely free to join and so quick and easy to use. It may only be as little as 1% for some stores but its money back off your purchase and it all quickly builds up. Once the money has processed you can have it BACs transferred into your account for no fee whatsoever. I just had a quick look through my account for wedding purchases that I have made recently and I have earned nearly £60 back by just going through top cashback when I have bought things, so effectively I have saved £60 on those purchases. For example we spent £190 on suits in Moss Bros and received £15.35 back via top cash back (on top of savings we had already made, more on that in tip 2) so well worth doing. If you want to join feel free to use my reference ( and it will give you a £5 Marks and Sparks voucher for a limited time, it will also give me some money in my account too for referring someone 🙂 Happy shopping!

Tip number 2

Follows along the lines of tip number 1 and it’s to online shopping for wedding related things. There are so many more deals to be had online than in stores, I know the service in stores can make the experience of buying things much better and to see what your actually buying before ordering saves the hassle of returning wrong things butttt the deals can be incredible. For example one Saturday last year Ben and I went suit hunting with his brother/best man Jack and found their suits in Moss Bros, we left all the sizing details with the man in the shop and said we would be back the following day with the rest of the grooms parties sizes and order them in store with them. Once home I took a look on Moss Bros website to send the suit link to the other members of the grooms party and noticed they had an online deal for any 2 suits for £99! That meant we could pick up 2 suits for the price we would of paid for 1 in store, such an incredible saving! Don’t get me wrong I did feel a bit bad as the store were expecting us to order with them but they just couldn’t offer us that deal and as we are on a budget the online saving won hands down! We also saved a lot on the bridesmaids dresses by having a double discount, the website had a 25% off week and they then applied a refer a friend discount code on top of that so an amazing saving there too. So keep an eye out on these online shops as they regularly do discount weekends and all these things add up and can then be spent on other areas of your day so well worth it.

Tip number 3

Is to use the sales to shop for wedding things, usually I absolutely hate clothes sales. There’s nothing worse than searching through rails and rails for that top they only have left in 1 size. I also kind of think if you loved something that much you’d just buy it there and then and not wait for the sales but wedding sale shopping I make exception for. After the summer there’s always so many lovely dresses, shoes, bags etc reduced online and in stores and if you have a clear idea on the colour theme you want I’d say there’s no harm in buying your dresses early on. I know the range and hobby craft also sell off their summer wedding ranges at the end of the summer season too so well worth buying stationary bits up that you like too. Christmas sales worked well for me this year as I managed to pick up some sparkly shoes for the bridesmaids in the Dorothy Perkins sale for a steal and shockingly they had all the sizes I needed, that never usually happens to me!

Tip number 4

Is to ask for an early booking discount rate. If you are planning your wedding for a few years time it’s likely you’ll be enquiring when the suppliers diary is much emptier and they may offer you a discount to start filling their diary up. I always felt a bit reluctant to ask, I kind of felt rude as they had given you their price, but my mum would always push me to and actually their was never any awkwardness and I’m pleased I did as we managed to get 10% off a few bookings and some special offers for other things. So be bold 🙂

Tip number 5

Etsy and Not On The High Street have so many lovely, affordable and personalised items on their sites that could make the perfect touch for your day at similar prices to that on the high street. I have bought ink stamps, bridesmaids cards, clip-art, log slices etc etc from both of the sites and the quality is always amazing. So if you haven’t had a look yet go and check it out. I’ve got my next NOTHS item lined up, I am in love with a wedding dress hanger on there that I’m keen to order soon.

Tip number 6

Final tip for now is to try and contact other brides-to-be and compare prices of things. It may turn out that you are both looking for similar cakes for example and they may be able to advise you on the suppliers they contacted and the prices they received back and vice versa. Contacting lots of suppliers is time consuming and it can be a bit nerve wracking picking someone just from the internet so its great to have a recommendation from someone you know. I’m also part of the most amazing group on facebook run by the Love My Dress blog and I just can’t begin to tell you how incredible it is. There are so many lovely ladies on there that are planning their weddings or that have just married that share tips, DIY ideas or just use it as a place to share their wedding planning highs and lows. The ladies regularly ask what others are paying for their suppliers and you can get a good idea of the going rate for something just by looking on there. So I really couldn’t recommend you enough to go and join the Love My Dress facebook group, it has made my  wedding planning even more amazing ❤

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips will help with your wedding planning in some way, let me know if you have any more 🙂


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