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5 months to gooooo ❤

5 MONTHS!!! How is it only 5 months?! I can’t believe February is nearly over, where did that month go?! When looking back on my blog I realised we hadn’t had our proper 22nd of the month celebrations for a little while with Christmas and birthdays etc so it was lovely to go out to dinner together tonight. We went to a new pizza place in a nearby town and it was crazy good! We haven’t had dinner out just us two for ages so it was lovely to be out and stuffing our faces ha!

Right at the end of my last blog post I mentioned that we had pretty much settled on our honeymoon plans and were keen to book the Maldives and literally the following week it was all booked!! I had a real pinch me moment, a ‘is this really happening feeling’. We are having our dream wedding and it will be followed by the most incredible honeymoon and I feel beyond lucky and blessed that we are doing this. Our families financial help towards our wedding has blown us away and I am incredibly thankful to them all as there’s no way that we would be doing all this without them. So on top of planning the wedding I am now making plans for our honeymoon to Dubai and the Maldives, ahhhh!! 🇲🇻 ❤


Initially when thinking of honeymoons we both wanted to go to America, Ben has never been and I was keen to visit the west coast {California is the dream} but the thought of spending 2 weeks straight after the wedding road tripping was becoming less and less appealing. I think we will want to just chill and relax and as much as I want to go to California, straight after the wedding isn’t ideal. So it was back to the drawing board and the Indian Ocean was drawing us in. To be honest we found picking between the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles hard, they all seemed as beautiful as one another and how do you pick between so many paradise islands?! {first world problems I know!!} The Maldives were Bens first choice all along but the cost of an over the water bungalow was increasing the cost massively so we have actually gone for an island that doesn’t have them, we will be in a beautiful beach villa that is a few sandy footsteps into the water, perfect! Anyways enough on the honeymoon, I think I could go on and on about it 💛☀️🌴👙


Literally the same day as booking our honeymoon I booked my hen do to Paris with the girls, it was all go, go, go that day! I am so excited for a few nights away with my best friends in a beautiful city, it’s going to be incredible! We’re not going until the beginning of July as I wanted my best friend Emma to be there and she won’t get in from Australia until July. So it’s cutting it close to the wedding but I’m hoping I will be organised and ready for the wedding by then and not stressed so it’ll be fine…I hope anyway! We are staying in an apartment in Paris that a mum at my work owns {!!} so we only have to pay for it to be cleaned after us so an absolute bargain, an offer I just couldn’t turn down! I’ll be having a hen do with everyone before this so all my family and friends can join me in pre-wedding celebrations. So excited!

In terms of wedding planning we’ve done very little, we were going to attempt some DIY signs for the day but failed miserably when we couldn’t work out what chalk pens/paints to buy so if anyone has any tips send them my way please. We did however give notice of our marriage last week which was so exciting, I was actually a little nervous as to how the meeting would go but the lady was lovely and it was over quickly. Thank you to Rachel for sending me the photo of our names in the book in Maidstone, it’s so exciting to see it there in writing 🙂


I also had my first wedding hair trial, I loved the style I had but it just fell out so quickly, I can’t have that on the day! I think I’m going to book in with someone else for a trial to see if that’s more successful. It will cost me more to do that but I want my hair looking lovely on the day so I see it as a necessity. Now to search for more hairdressers, let me know if you have any recommendations in Kent.

I’m hoping we have a more productive month and get lots done, it suddenly feels very close now!! Thanks for reading ❤


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