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4 months to goooo!! 

This blog is a little bit late coming this month, I’ve had such a hectic week at work as it was our last week before the Easter holidays so cue a mad dash making Mother’s Day cards, practicing for the Mother’s Day service and then all the Easter bits in between, so all in all a pretty exhausting week. We actually spent the 4 month countdown to the wedding meeting our best friends baby. He was just a week old and is just perfect, it was so lovely having a cuddle with him.


Anyways onto the wedding countdown and the exciting arrival of my dress, ahhhh!! It was due in late January/early February after ordering it back in August and it didn’t actually arrive until nearly the end of February, what a wait! I was very anxious that I would still like it and that it was still the dress for me and I can happily confirm it definitely is. I found I needed to unfollow pages on Instagram and other social media outlets to stop me dreaming of other dresses and wondering if I should of tried more dresses on…the floral Charlotte  Balbier dress being my main ‘what if dress.’

My dress isn’t like this at all before anyone gets excited they know what my dress is like ha!

I ordered my dress in a shorter length so that caused a bit of a delay but it was incredible to try *my* dress on with my wedding shoes (hello Jimmy Choos) and it was the perfect length. I wont need any alterations length wise so I’m so pleased and it just needs to be taken it at the waist nearer the date.

say i do in jimmy choo
Say I do in Jimmy Choo…the dream!!

I am so pleased I didn’t start the dress hunt too soon after we booked the venue etc as I was really worried I would change my mind in that time. Your style and ideas for the wedding can easily change in the time between setting the date and the wedding date and a dress is a big expense to change your mind on!  Also having that dress in the wardrobe and not being able to wear it for ages and ages would drive me crazy!!

I also had another hair trial with a different hairdresser as I wasn’t really happy with my first hair trial, it was all falling out within half an hour and the products she used made my hair look and feel so awful. Thankfully I absolutely loved my second hair trial and I’m so pleased I’ve made the change. I’m now on the lookout for a pretty headpiece and I need to decide if I want to wear a veil or not?! My bridesmaids will all have their hair done on the day too and I’ve said for them to just choose what they would like as I want them to feel comfortable on the day, I think most of them want a curly half up/half down do so that will look pretty.

We’ve also started thinking and compiling a ‘to-do list’ of things we still need and want to do for the wedding, I’m off for the next 3 weeks so I want to get in touch with our suppliers, try and get lots organised and make a start on DIY bits.

Our list has the following on in it:

♥ garden games

♥ table numbers and place names – decide on what we are having

♥ favours

♥ finalise order of the day

♥ finalise drink choices

♥ Saul’s outfit {page boy} and flower girls shoes

♥ decorations for the barn

♥ signs for around the barn

♥ guestbook

♥ LOVE sign DIY {get Ben’s step dad on the job ;)}

♥ finish off the bridesmaid hangers and make my own

and probably loads more that I’ve not thought of yet, feel free to send me your to do list if I have missed lots!

Ben chose his wedding ring this weekend so that’s the first thing off the to-do list so a good start I think 🙂 I’m also starting to look for honeymoon clothes, a dreamy honeymoon definitely requires some pretty new things to wear, my bank balance won’t be thanking me that’s for sure! This coming month we have our pre-wedding shoot and I’m already obsessing over the weather and what to wear! I’m thinking a nice white shirt and my pink spring/summer jacket?! Decisions, decisions…

Thank you for reading and happy wedding planning to any brides-to-be reading ❤



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