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Just 3 little months to go!!!

I’m pretty sure I start every monthly blog post like this but I cannot believe how quickly the wedding is coming around now, we’ve passed the 100 day mark which felt quite monumental! We booked the wedding 718 days in advance and to see it go to just double digits was a great feeling. It really does feels like just yesterday I was in Santorini soaking up every moment of being newly engaged and getting used to having a bit of sparkle on my left hand, the time just really flies when you’re planning a wedding.

To be honest I felt a little panicked whilst I was off for the school holidays, the to-do list didn’t seem to be getting ticked off and only added to, there were so many things we still needed to decided on, order and chase up. I think I’ve been avoiding making decisions on things in case I change my mind and waste our money but it’s getting so close to the date that decisions need to be made and things ordered so I feel much more on top of things now.

Our beautiful wedding venue and us enjoying lunch after our pre-wedding shoot at our wedding caterers tea rooms ❤

The most exciting wedding related thing we’ve done this month was that we had our pre-wedding shoot at the barn with our photographer James Grist. It was one of the most beautifully sunny Spring days and we are absolutely made up with the photos. We felt really nervous to start with, me more so for Ben as he isn’t always so keen on photos and neither of us have ever had our photo taken professionally, well not since we were much younger. James was fab and we were soon feeling like models haha {not quite!!} and it was great to go over the plans for the day, show him our favourite bits of the barn and where we want photos. James also let us know that he plans on staying later at the wedding than we have booked him for to try and get some night shots with us which is so exciting. Having a summer wedding we never expected any shots from the evening beyond the first dance seeing as it doesn’t get dark till 9ish so that will be a lovely addition to our day.

So whilst I was off for the Easter school holidays I made a start looking up decoration bits, flower ideas, guest book etc and made a start on a few DIY bits like our garden games. We were originally going to hire some games but figured we’d keep it simple and do our own. We’ve ended up ordering this tin can alley set from Laura Ashley though as it was such a bargain in their spring sale and I have made a little bottle hoopla. We’ve got a big set of jenga to take too. I may get more games but we shall see, I don’t want to over do it.

Fleur helping us out with the table plan…decided we were better off just doing it on the laptop! Ben picked up his ring too ❤

We have also sorted Ben’s brother’s page boy outfit, I am completely biased but I think he’s going to make the cutest of page boys, the cheekiest too I’m sure but still super cute! We have finally found ties for the grooms party that match the bridesmaids dresses, 6 online orders/fabric samples later and we eventually got there! I have shoes for the flower girls on order to let them try on and see if they match and the most gorgeous hair piece for me being handmade by the amazingly talented All Things Lucy. I have had it saved on my phone since I found my dress and finally took the plunge ordering it a few weeks ago and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

I’m pretty sure we will still have lots we need to do in the weeks before as I think of little extra things we *must have* but I’m feeling so much more on top of things than I was, hooray for the school holidays! As we come to the end of planning our wedding and our big day arrives I have so many happy memories to look back on, I really feel like I’ve made the most of this time. There’s been stressful times, tears of happiness, joy and excitement, money worries and guest list woes but I am so ready to be married now. I literally cannot wait to just marry my best friend and have the most incredible day and have nearly 2 weeks after of just ‘us’ whilst on honeymoon.

Thanks for reading ❤️


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