Wedding Countdown


I’m a little late on my last countdown post EVER!! I am so excited we are at the one month to go mark, how are we here already?! The weeks are just flying by now, it’s scary just how quickly it is going but incredibly exciting. The most important thing we have done this month is finalise our ceremony details, we have picked our vows and promises and now we just need to practice them a bit. We also made a decision on the music we are having for the ceremony, that was way harder than I ever imagined!! The choices are endless and picking songs that are meaningful to us was really important. We don’t have a musician playing on the day, we toyed with the idea for quite a while but a harpist just isn’t us and the guitarists we liked are all booked up so we have made playlists for the day and hoping that will work okay until the DJ arrives in the evening. Now the music for the ceremony is all decided on I’m enjoying listening to the playlist on my phone on the way to work most mornings, oh Tom Odell your song makes me cry happy tears 💗

26 days and I’ll be walking down one of these aisles to marry the love of my life ❤

We also had our final meeting at our venue with our wedding coordinator Lizzie and she was literally the dream! I feel so relaxed having her in charge of our day, there wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer and a part of the day she didn’t know. She seemed so excited for us too which was lovely. Lizzie will be with us from 8.30 as we get ready in the salon {yes the venue has a beautiful salon to start the day off!!} to the beginning of our BBQ in the evening. She will be setting up the barn for us and coordinating our suppliers and just being there to work our timings to perfection. I feel so lucky to have a venue that does so much for us, it does weddings so often they really know how to make the day perfect and I can’t wait. They have just been voted number 2 in the Bridebooks top 38 beautiful barn venues across the South East, including Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire, West Sussex which seals the deal on knowing we’ve picked well 🙂

The Salon where I’ll be starting the day off with my bridesmaids ❤

We are pretty much there with the last bits for the wedding, we’re just sorting thank you cards and gifts and the last of the DIY bits we have made and that’s it, nearly 2 years of planning coming to an end is a very weird feeling. In all honesty I’m kind of pleased, both Ben and I are looking forward to having other things to spend our money on and try and build savings back up {!!} and just to have a weekend not feeling so bad that we’ve not done something wedding related. Give it a few weeks after the honeymoon and still on school holidays and I’ll be bored I’m sure!

The next few weeks are jam packed and I’m so excited for them, my best friend is currently flying from Australia to England for nearly a month, oh how I can’t wait to give her a squeeze!! I have just 2 weeks left at work before the start of the school holidays and then my hen do in Paris with my besties. I literally cannot wait for a weekend with my bestest girls, sightseeing, eating pastries, drinking cocktails and laughing till our tummys hurt. I then have 2 weeks before the wedding to sort all our bits before dropping them to our venue, my spare room is currently packed floor to ceiling with things and I cannot wait to clear it all…please tell me other people have this too?! We keep trying to make it more organised but there’s just so much stuff to a wedding and ours hasn’t even got that much to decorate!!

So that’s it, my last monthly countdown done, that has felt like the quickest 12 months ever but what a year it’s been! I’ll be back with a few more blog posts between now and the wedding, I have an exciting collaboration coming up with a lovely wedding instagram page and I’ll definitely be sharing lots of Paris pictures I’m sure.

Thank you to every one that has followed along with these posts on my blog, I’ve connected with so many lovely ladies through this and Instagram and it’s made wedding planning even more special 💗

Lots of love xx


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